HPP 65: Fix your desk set up! It’s causing you pain and killing your performance

💣Your desk is probably the reason your front rack sucks, and you always lose the barbell forward over your head…
It might even be a primary mechanical stressor keeping your neck and/or back in pain.
Do you have less pain when you’re on vacation? How about over the weekends (or whatever days you aren’t at work)??💣

If that is you, then you NEED to watch this!

Like 👍this video, then tag🏷️ your desk warrior friends, and leave us a comment 👇letting us know how you felt after the changes.

MOVE Athletics 3-step process
We use a personalized 1:1 approach to
1. Relieve your pain
2. Identify and address the underlying root cause
3. Give you tools to stay pain-free long term.

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